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RF LED Photon Radio Facial Massager Mesotherapy

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>> features
1. non-porous misotherapy: using a special pulse taken by double-clicking current, directly leads the skin needs nutrients in the skin layer of the skin, so you do not have to use surgery, can feed the skin.
2. Import Electroporation: Through your current open the gap of skin cells, making skin care cream ingredients directly effective in skin layers. 10 times increase absorption through the skin!
3. Current RF: High frequency electric heat resistant wire, effective in improving deep relaxation skin, aging wrinkles, by effectively enhancing current lymphatic and circulatory circulation, body formation and other care.
4. microwave pulse: using four conductive levels and a special pulse
technology, alternating current generates microwaves, triggering muscle contraction, buddha muscle tissue, firm skin, and restoring elasticity.
5. LED light therapy: LED light therapy can effectively repair and heal merco gaps from electroporation, free of super fine skin mesotherapy needle, skin pores and then import wound period, calming anti-inflammatory effect.

>> specifications
Materials: ABS
color: white
power supply: usb shipping
shipping time: about 3.5 hours

>> choosing models and functions
model 1: time 1st push led lamp check key, pink lighting.
wavelength: 700nm (+/- 10nm)
skin whitening, suitable for dark skin.
Model 2: 2nd time push key selection LED, pink flashing.
wavelength: 700nm (+/- 10nm)
enhance the absorption of beauty liquid or gel, whiter skin
model 3: 3ed time push led lamp check key, red lighting.
wavelength: 620nm (+/- 10nm)
promoting collagen regeneration, elasticity of the skin, is suitable for wrinkles to relax the skin.
model 4: time 4th push led lamp check key, yellow lighting.
wavelength: 590nm (+/- 10nm)
shines skin, skin has a clear feeling, fit for stains and dull skin people
model 5: time 5th push led lamp check key, blue lighting.
wavelength: 415nm (+/- 10nm)
inflammatory anesthesia, reduced pores suitable for acne or oily skin

>> note:
please allow some deviation due to manual measurement and make sure you don't mind before buying.
the actual product color may differ slightly from images because of different computer screens and display settings.
thank you for your understanding!

>> package includes:
1* host
1* usb charging cable
1* english user manual
1* packing box

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